Friday Cheers 2024 with Bella White

Friday Cheers 2024 with Bella White

The 2024 Friday Cheers season has begun! This Friday night Bella White took the stage with openers Colby Helms and the Virginia Creepers. Colby and company got everyone up and jamming before Bella came out and slowed things down with some self proclaimed “mommy/daddy-divorce songs.” So, while we’re all typically Richmond Concert Talkers, Bella’s intimate and undeniable sound captivated the entire audience in seconds.

Even though Bella grew up in Canada, her father is a Virginian, with a special connection to the James River. So tonight’s concert wasn’t just special for us, but for her as well. 



At just 22 years old Bella, with the help of her Drummer, Sam, gave us EVERYTHING. From sad-girl music to soulful Americana. Bella is the embodiment of that classic singer-songwriter vibe that we Richmonders live for.


Tonight was a sweet and unforgettable start to what we know we’ll be a solid couple weeks of concerts. 



Cant wait to see what’s in store for next when Daniel Donato's Cosmic Country and Mackenzie Roark & the Hotpants take the stage. 

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