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This Place is Haunted

It's a spooky season, y’all. So you know what that means… Ghost stories. Guys, Richmond, Virginia is known as one of the most haunted places in the country and we really just walk around here every day just not even realizing it. Make that make sense. From an eerie old public works site to a tragic mass grave, we’re listing the top five most haunted places in the city.



The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is not just a shrine to one of literature's most iconic figures; it is also a place where the spectral world seems to merge with the literary. Poe's tumultuous life and mysterious death have given rise to rumors and reports of paranormal occurrences within the museum's historic walls. Visitors have claimed to hear phantom footsteps, eerie whispers, and even the ghostly presence of Poe himself is said to manifest. 

If you’re in town and wish to experience the influence of the master of macabre himself, there’s no better place to check out than the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom neighborhood. 

The Poe Museum – Richmond, VA

Located at 1914 E Main St. Richmond, VA 23223.

Poe Museum Exterior




The Richmond Byrd Park Pump House, an architectural marvel built in the late 19th century, has long held a reputation for being haunted. This historic structure, nestled in the heart of Byrd Park, boasts stunning Romanesque design and scenic views of the James River. However, its eerie tales involve ghostly figures, disembodied voices, and mysterious footsteps echoing through empty hallways. Many visitors have reported encountering shadowy figures in Victorian attire, suggesting that the spirits of long-past eras still linger within these walls. 

Whether you're drawn to the Pump House for its historical significance or a potential glimpse into the supernatural, it remains an enigmatic and haunted gem in Richmond's landscape. 

Home (friendsofpumphouse.org)

Located at 1708 Pump House Dr, Richmond, VA 23221

Byrd Park Pump House Exterior Image
Byrd Park Pump House Window Photo




The Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia, stands as a cherished relic of cinematic history, known not only for its Art Deco architecture and classic movie screenings but also for its enduring reputation as a haunted landmark. Built in 1928, the Byrd has played host to countless moviegoers over the decades, but some visitors have encountered more than just films on its grand screen. Numerous paranormal tales surround the theater, including reports of mysterious footsteps, inexplicable cold spots, and the unsettling feeling of being watched. One of the most famous stories involves the spirit of a former employee, who is said to linger in the projection room. 

Whether you're a classic film buff or exploring the paranormal, a trip to the Byrd Theatre is a journey into the past that may leave you with a spine-tingling sense of the unknown. 

Byrd Theatre | Richmond's Grand Movie Palace

Located at 2908 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221.





Nestled beside the James River, Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery, established in 1847, may appear serene but hides a chilling history. Home to the resting places of historical giants like James Monroe and Jefferson Davis, it also harbors spectral secrets. Legends of the Richmond Vampire, ghosts of Confederate soldiers, and the watchful eye of the Rees family guard dog continue to haunt visitors. Ghost tours and investigations uncover eerie encounters, while skeptics debate the authenticity of these tales. 

Whether drawn by history or the supernatural, a visit to Hollywood Cemetery promises a memorable, potentially spine-tingling experience as twilight descends over this legendary resting place. 

Historical Garden Cemetery | Richmond, VA - Hollywood Cemetery

Located at 412 S Cherry St, Richmond, VA 23220.

Richmond Vampire's Tomb
James Monroe's Gravesite
Rees Guard Dog




The Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond, Virginia, carries a dark and tragic history that some believe has left lingering supernatural imprints. Constructed in the early 20th century, the tunnel was a vital transportation link. However, in 1925, disaster struck as the tunnel collapsed, burying travelers alive. Their bodies were never recovered, and the tunnel was sealed shut, becoming a crypt for those unfortunate souls. To this day, the spirits of those who lost their lives are said to linger in the dark recesses of the tunnel. Visitors have reported hearing ghostly whispers, seeing shadowy figures, and experiencing an overwhelming sense of unease while exploring the tunnel. 

The tragedy and suffering associated with the collapse have fueled stories of restless spirits, making the Church Hill Tunnel collapse site a place where history, horror, and the paranormal converge in a haunting narrative that continues to captivate the curious and the brave.

Located at 401 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223.

Church Hill Tunnel



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